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Name Brand : Los Angeles Times Newspaper
Website : http://www.latimes.com
Twitter :
Telephone : (213) 237-5000
Office : 202 W. 1st St. Los Angeles, CA 90012
Email : Firstname.Lastname@latimes.com
Editor: Davan Maharaj
Managing Editor: Marc Duvoisin
Deputy Managing Editors: Colin Crawford, Scott Kraft
Managing Editor, Digital: Jimmy Orr
Assistant Managing Editors:
John Corrigan (Arts & Entertainment), Ashley Dunn (Local and
California), Henry Fuhrmann (Copy Desks and Standards), Megan Garvey
(Digital), Alice Short (Features), Michael Whitley (Design and Graphics)
Editor of the Editorial Pages: Nicholas Goldberg
Op-Ed and Sunday Opinion Editor: Sue Horton
Editor at Large: Jim Newton
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About Los Angeles Times

Los Angeles Times (also known as LA Times) is a daily newspaper published in Los Angeles, United States and distributed in the western states of the country, owned by Tribune Company. With a circulation of 843,432 readers per day in September 2005, is the second largest in the United States after The New York Times metropolitan newspaper.

During its history it has won 37 Pulitzer Prizes, and according to the World Almanac, 2007, is the third most read those published newspaper in America.


The first edition of the Times was produced December 4, 1881, but soon went bankrupt. In 1884 the founder created the Times-Mirror Company, which would publish the newspaper from that time.

The October 1, 1910, and after frequent clashes with the union, a bomb exploded at the headquarters of the newspaper, causing 21 deaths. Known unionists, the McNamara brothers were part of the accused of the attack. Soon, the newspaper had a new headquarters.

Sections currently published in the journal:

  •     Main News
  •     LATExtra ( Monday to Saturday )
  •     California ( Sunday)
  •     Business Monday (Tuesday in Section A Diary )
  •     Business ( Tuesday to Sunday )
  •     Sports
  •     Calendar
  •     Marketplace ( Monday to Sunday within Section B and Section Friday to Sunday as Fixed )
  •     Health ( Monday)
  •     Food (Saturday )
  •     Home (Saturdays)
  •     Arts & Books (Sundays )
  •     Travel ( Sunday)
  •     Image ( Sunday)
  •     Comics ( Sunday)

Missing sections of the newspaper :

  •     California ( now within the LATExtra section Monday to Saturday )
  •     Classified ( Marketplace Now )
  •     Highway 1 (Thursday )
  •     Outdoors (Saturday )
  •     Calendar Weekend ( Friday - Tabloid Format )
  •     The Guide ( Thursday - Tabloid Format )
  •     Book Review ( Sunday - Tabloid Format )
  •     Opinion / Current ( Sunday)
  •     Real Estate (Sundays )
  •     Arts & Music ( Sunday - Now as Arts & Books )
  •     Los Angeles Times Magazine / West Magazine ( Sunday Magazine )
  •     TV Times ( TV Guide - Now in the Site of LATimes.com / tvtimes PDF )

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