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Name Brand : New York Daily News Newspaper
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Telephone : (212) 210-2100
Office : 4 New York Plaza, New York, NY 10004
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Advertising :  Rudy Zaccagno at, or call (212) 210-1938
Business Development : or call (212) 210-2100.
Purchasing Daily News Pictures : or call 212-210-1620.
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Short Description About New York Daily News

Daily News of New York City is the fifth most widely circulating newspaper in the United States with a daily circulation of 703.137, to March 30, 2008. The first U.S. daily printed in tabloid format, was founded in 1919, and the 2007 is operated by Mortimer Zuckerman. It has won ten Pulitzer Prizes

Daily Planet

The Daily News served as a model for the Daily Planet in the Superman films, starting with Superman in 1978. The News Building served as the headquarters of the Daily Planet, with a large balloon that served as an emblem of the Planet.

When Superman debuted in public, Planet took on its front page, "WONDER HOODED STUNNING CITY" while Planet editor Perry White compared it to other newspapers in Metropolis, also like other newspapers in New York:

  •      The Metropolis Post, a tabloid: "FLY!"
  •      The Daily News, a tabloid, also the original New York newspaper: "AT A HOM .. - WIRELESS!"
  •      The Metropolis Times newspaper: "BOMB BLUE METROPOLIS TREMBLES."

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