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About USA Today

USA Today newspaper is a U.S. national newspaper published by Gannett Corporation. It is the largest daily newspaper in the country (with about 2.25 million copies every weekday) and the second largest circulation in the Anglophone world (after The Times of India).


USA Today was founded on September 15, 1982 by Allen Neuharth. It claims to break with the traditional newspapers (sometimes considered too gray, full of words and no color), with a style full of large diagrams and photographs. It is also known for his surveys of the views of the American public.

Initially the paper also aimed to stand apart from traditional distribution methods, currently sold through a dispatcher with curved edges in form remember older TVs more than a traditional newspaper dispenser. USA Today also aimed accommodate business travelers and is widely distributed in airlines, airports and hotels, as additional to other points of sale form. It was also one of the first newspapers to use satellite transmissions to send the final edit different parts of the country for printing and distribution in regional markets. And Innovation the use of regional print centers allowed to delay closing time and to incorporate editions latest news and sports events in each issue.
The newspaper proved to be a success, though critics have accused him of trivializing the news. Its writing style rarely uses subordinated statements and generally has no more than three main statements by paragraph, all with the goal of readability. As a result, in its early days was referred to pejoratively as "McPaper" or "McNewspaper" in reference to the simplicity of fast food McDonald's (who now distributes the newspaper). Still, the use of color, graphics and other elements, has been imitated by other magazines and newspapers. Its sports section is particularly popular because of this and its comprehensive coverage of the events.

Since its inception in 1982 until the fall of 2001, Larry King was a columnist for USA Today.

In 2001 the newspaper changed its corporate headquarters to a new 120,000 m² estate in Mc Lean, Fairfax County, Virginia, a suburb of Washington not far from its former headquarters in Arlington County.

On September 7, 2005 the current price of the newspaper is 0.75 ¢ and 0.50 on Sundays. The kiosks are selling more newspapers in this edition, with a more economic newspapers because the sheet of paper, is environmentally friendly and durable.

According to the World Almanac of the USA Today 2005 is the most widely distributed newspaper in the United States.