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Name : Guardian
Office : Kings Place, 90 York Way London N1 9GU
Email : User help at
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contact the press office at
Subscriptions at or 0844 543 8005.
Telephone : +4420 3 353 2000
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Mail Editorial : News desk, for UK national news
International news desk
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Business desk and financial staff
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Education desk
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Education letters offered for publication in the weekly Education Guardian section
Cook supplement
G2 (features) desk
Foreign news - See international
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Family weekly Saturday section
The Guide weekly arts and listing magazine or via Press Association listings line at 01430 455505
The Guide listings submissions
Law desk
Life and style
Media Guardian
Money letters column
Money section's Personal effects column where readers share advice
Notes and queries
Obituaries desk
Weekend magazine
Technology desk
Personal finance: See Money and Consumer
Political staff
Film & Music weekly section film&
Readers' editor
Science desk
Pictures: for emails from readers, agencies and PRs
Consumer investigative column in weekly Money section
Sports desk
Money personal finance section
Travel desk
Pictures: for advisories on film openings, PR openings and similar


About The Guardian

The Guardian is a British newspaper owned by Guardian Media Group. It is published Monday to Saturday in Berliner format. Until 1959 it was called The Manchester Guardian, reflecting its provincial origins. The newspaper is still known by this name especially in North America, although based in London since 1964 (with printing services in both Manchester and London)The publishers of this newspaper are usually normally left-leaning. A survey by the MORI group between April and June 2000 showed that 80% of Guardian readers were Labour Party voters. According to another survey conducted in 2004, 44% of this newspaper's readers voted for the Labour Party and 37% for the Liberal Democrats
Today The Guardian is the only national British newspaper published color (except Northern Ireland). It was also the first British newspaper to be printed in Berliner format. In November 2005 The Guardian had an average of 378,618 copies sold, compared with 904 955 copies of The Daily Telegraph, The Times of 692,581 and 261,193 for The Independent.

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