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Name : Le Journal de Montréal
General Contact : Salle des nouvelles (rédaction): jdm.transmission@quebecormedia.com
Service des abonnements: jdm.services@quebecormedia.com
Carrières: carrieres@journalmtl.com
More Info : http://www.journaldemontreal.com/contactez-nous
Advertising Contact: Annonces classées:  classees@journalmtl.com
Telephone: 514-888-8888
Téléc. 514-329-3909
Sans frais: 1 888-216-9999
Office Contact : Telephone Number: +1 514-521-4545
Address:  4545 Rue Frontenac Montreal, Quebec h2h2r7
Website : http://www.journaldemontreal.com
Media Social : Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jdemontreal
Twitter: https://twitter.com/JdeMontreal

About Le Journal de Montréal

Le Journal de Montréal (French for The Journal de Montreal) is a newspaper in Montreal, Quebec. It is a major newspaper conglomerate Sun Media Company, part of Quebecor Media. Its main competitors are La Presse (owned by Gesca) and Le Devoir (independent).
Taking advantage of a labor dispute at La Presse, Montreal main daily at the time, the businessman Pierre Peladeau launches new tabloid newspaper. The first issue was launched on newsstands June 15, 1964. Although Peladeau matured this project for several years, the first edition is arranged in a weekendOver the years, the newspaper has appropriated a part of more and more of the market, up to ship a significant amount of copies Florida. This U.S. state is the place of choice for those nicknamed the Snowbirds, that is to say Quebecers who live there for a long period each year during the winter. It also counts as a photojournalist, Mr. Gingras Toto.

In the wake of its expansion, the newspaper enlisted the services of several prestigious journalists working for competitors, including Jacques Beauchamp and Andrew Rufiange. But one of the key elements of the tabloid was unquestionably Gérard Cellier, a French origin arrived in Quebec in 1956. At the time of launch Le Journal de Montreal, Pierre Peladeau could rely on its services to carry out the destiny of the tabloid. Appointed Director in 1964, Gérard Cellier remained in office until 1985, becoming the director of information and production suite. For 21 years, he has provided the necessary impetus to the success of this newspaper and in many ways it was one of the spearheads of the Quebecor empire. He died in 1997 of cancer, but has contributed to the rich heritage that now is the company specialized in the field of print and electronic media.
The Courier heart is held by Réjeanne Desrameaux, well known in the Quebec art world personality. Then, after the death of Réjeanne Desrameaux Solange Harvey takes over headlining chronic Mail Solange for 25 years. She was hired by Mr. Beauchamp in 1976.Le Journal de Montreal has a reputation especially newspaper and various sports events until the early 2000s. Inspired by the British popular press, he gradually specialized in surveys shock, infiltration and other strokes of brilliance. Instead various facts decreased significantly and opinion pages have even appeared.

In September 2005, the journal has undergone a major re-design that makes it more modern and airy. This change was accompanied by the addition of several new columnists renowned, including journalist and television host Richard Martineau, former Quebec minister Yves Séguin and Joseph Facal, the former Canadian Minister Sheila Copps, the former hockey player Guy Lafleur and former cyberpirate Mafiaboy.
January 24, 2009, a lockout of 253 employees was decreed by the newspaper's owner Quebecor Media. At the heart of the dispute, there is convergence between the media group, job cuts and classified advertising and accounting, and the lengthening of the work week. Three days after the conflict began, a strike mandate was passed by the affected employees. Employees locked out have established an electronic medium named ruefrontenac.com. This is the longest conflict in the history of the written Canada.4 After 25 months of struggle press union agreed to a 64% settlement proposal by the mediator

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