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Name : Newsday Newspaper
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Telephone : Inquires : (1-800-639-7329)
Advertising : 303-825-2525
Contact newsroom 303-954-1201
Office : 235 Pinelawn Road, Melville, New York 11747
Contact Email Editor : News DepartementSubmit a press release or a story idea, at or 631-843-2700
Long Island news coverage, call (631) 843-2700
Send a correction, at
Community Watchdog, at Judy Cartwright
Politics and government coverage, at
Creative license plates, at
Long Island Life, at or call 631-843-2700
All other events, at
Gardening, at
Reunions, at
Editor Deborah Henley at
Long Island business coverage, on phone (631) 843-2800
LI People on the Move, at
Long Island business events, at events@newsday.comEditorials and opinionLetters to the editor, at
Op-ed submissions, at
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Newsday is a newspaper published in Long Island and parts of New York City, but is sold throughout the New York metropolitan area. In Spring 2013, the daily circulation of Newsday (377,000 copies sold) makes it the thirteenth best-selling newspaper in the United States and the most popular of a suburban area.

The headquarters of the newspaper Newsday LLC and the company is in Melville, New York, on Long Island area.

Short History

Founded by Alicia Patterson, the first issue came out on September 3, 1940. In 1970 it became part of the chain Times Mirror Co., which owns the Los Angeles Times. In 2000, Times Mirror merged with Tribune Company, Newsday associating with WPIX TV channel, also owned by Tribune.

In April 2008 it was revealed that the director of News Corporation, Rupert Murdoch, wanted to buy Newsday for $ 580 million. In the end, it was sold to the Dolan family, owners of the teams New York Knicks and New York Rangers and the sports hall Madison Square Garden.

Although it has a tabloid size (in the U.S. associated with tabloids), Newsday is not known as being sensational, unlike other tabloids like the New York Daily News or the New York Post.