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Name Brand : Philadelphia Daily News Newspaper
Website : Philadelphia Daily News
Twitter :
Telephone : Main switchboard (215) 854-2000
Inquirer newsroom (215) 854-4500
Daily News newsroom (215) 854-5901
Office : Editorial office
801 Market St.
Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19107Interstate General Media
Mailing address
P.O. Box 8263
Philadelphia, PA 19101
Contact Email Editor : not provided
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About Philadelphia Daily 

The Philadelphia Daily News is a tabloid published in the American city of Philadelphia. It was created March 31, 1925 by editor Lee Ellmaker. Initially, the newspaper was devoted mainly to crime, sports, and sensational stories. By 1930, daily newspaper circulation exceeded 200,000 copies, however, it has continued to fall, and the newspaper is still plagued by financial difficulties. It belongs, like the Philadelphia Inquirer Philadelphia Media Holdings LLC

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