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Name of  Brand : Star Tribune Newspaper
Website :
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Telephone : Main contact : (612) 673-4000
subscription : 612-673-4343 or 1-800-775-4344
Office : 425 Portland Av. S., Minneapolis, Minnesota 55488
Contact Email : Offering Your Idea :General News: 612-673-4414
Sports: 612-673-4447Publicity for your events :

Star Tribune
425 Portland Avenue
Minneapolis, MN 55488
FAX: 612-673-4359

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About Star Tribune

Star Tribune is an American daily English language newspaper published in Minneapolis, Minnesota.
In its existing form and as the newspaper since 1987. The Journal is published seven days a week.

Short History

The genesis of the current Star Tribune is relatively complex, since the current daily results from the successive fusion of several periodicals published from 1867.

The Minneapolis Tribune newspaper, founded in 1867, was directed for 50 years by the Murphy family from 1891 to 1941.

In 1878, an evening newspaper, Minneapolis Journal, made ​​its appearance.

In 1891 is created daily in the morning, Minneapolis Times. It does not take long to be bought in 1905 by the Murphy family and remain under various titles until 1948.Finally, in 1920, appears a new evening newspaper, Minnesota Daily Star, who later change its name to the Minneapolis Star.In 1935, the Minneapolis Star was bought by the Cowles family, through John Cowles, Sr. (1898-1983), which is also acquiring, in 1939, the Minneapolis Journal. Both qutotidiens are then merged into a single title, the Star-Journal, quickly renamed Star.

In 1941, the Murphy family sold the Minneapolis Tribune in the Cowles family, but John Cowles chose to keep two separate newspapers, one appearing in the morning, one in the evening.However, in 1982, the Cowles Media Company chose to merge its two major dailies in one newspaper, the Minneapolis Star and Tribune.Five years later, in 1987, involved the last major change in shape when the daily change its name to the Star Tribune, and the slogan Newspaper of the Twin Cities ("The newspaper of the Twin Cities"), designating two cities of Minneapolis, on the right side of the Mississippi and St. Paul, on the left side, near the confluence with the Minnesota.

In 1998, the heirs of John Cowles Cowles Media Company resell at The McClatchy Company, media group founded in 1857, based in Sacramento, California. The McClatchy Company retains all of the Star Tribune and quickly resells other securities Press Cowles group.In December 2006, facing financial difficulties, the McClatchy Company sold the Star Tribune to a young New York financial group, Avista Capital Partners, founded the previous year, which still owns the title.

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