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Name : The Gazette Montreal
Editorial Contact : National     Fax: 514-987-2399
City news     Fax: 514-987-2399
International     Fax: 514-987-2399
Business     Fax: 514-987-2638
Sports     Fax: 514-987-2433
Entertainment    Fax: 514-987-2638
Living     Fax: 514-987-2638
West Island bureau     Fax: 514-694-7605Letters to the editor    Fax: 514 987-2640
Editorial and Comment pages     Fax: 514-987-2639
Advertising Contact: Regular Classified     514-987-7653
Retail, National     514-987-2350
Web Advertising     514-284-0040
Advertising billing inquiries    514-987-2230
Careers Employment    514-987-7653
Obituaries    514-987-7653
Automotive     514-987-7653
Real Estate    514-987-7653
Office Contact : Telephone Number: 514-987-2222Email:
Address: 1010 Ste-Catherine St. West Suite 200 Montreal, Quebec H3B 5L1
Website :
Media Social : Facebook:


About The National Post

Montreal Gazette which also called by The Gazette, is the daily newspaper with English-speaking minority in the province of Quebec in Canada.

The, also called the Montreal Gazette The Gazette, the daily newspaper for the English-speaking minority in the province of Quebec in Canada.

It was launched in 1778 for the first time. Back then set only a year later in French as La Gazette, and was again.

In 1785 it was re-issued under the name of La Gazette de Montréal, and has developed over the coming years from a French-English publication to a purely English-language newspaper.

Until the second half of the 20th Century, it was a total of three English-language newspapers in competition. However, these were all set so that the Montreal Gazette is the only daily English-language newspaper in Quebec City today. It is now in competition with three newspapers that appear exclusively in French.

Launched in Montreal and now the circulation is about 450,000 copies.

Source : Wikipedia

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