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About The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail is the English-language newspapers published in Canada. The daily circulation of 2 million copies per week, and is the largest circulation newspaper in Canada number two after the Toronto Star. From head office in Toronto, this newspaper published from six cities in Canada. The Globe and Mail is the leading publication of The Globe and Mail Inc.. of which 85% is owned by The Woodbridge Company and 15% owned by Bell Canada.
The Globe and Mail begins with The Globe newspaper that was founded in 1844. Its founder, George Brown, Scottish immigrant who later became the father of the Confederation of Canada. Brown and the liberal-leaning political party supports the Clear Grits were then called the Liberal Party of Canada. The Globe is the first newspaper mouthpiece of the party before Brown realized the economic advantages of doing business newspaper.In the 1850s, The Globe thrive as an independent daily newspaper. After the establishment of the Canadian Confederation, a newspaper circulated to other cities in Ontario using rail services. In the early 20th century, this newspaper has been published with the photograph, has a column for women, and put the slogan "Canada's National Newspaper" ("Canada's National Newspaper") mounted on the front page title until now.
In 1936, The Globe is a circulation of 78,000 copies merged with the newspaper The Mail and Empire are larger circulation (118,000 copies). The Mail is the result of the merger of The Toronto Mail with Toronto Empire in 1895. The Toronto Mail was founded in 1872 by Sir John A. Macdonald as a conservative party mouthpiece newspaper. Macdonald was once a rival conservative party politician Brown. Macdonald later became the first Prime Minister of Canada, and the founder of the party which is now called the Conservative Party of Canada.
After the merger with The Mail and Empire, The Globe renamed The Globe and Mail. Mass media when it calls the merger of The Globe by The Mail as the events of "small fish swallowing a whale". Merger arranged by George McCullagh who acts on behalf of the mining conglomerate William Henry Wright. McCullagh became the first publisher of The Globe and Mail before committing suicide in 1952. Furthermore, the paper was purchased by the Webster family of Montreal. The Globe and Mail began to be circulated nationally after losing to compete in the local market of the Toronto Star.In 1965, the newspaper was purchased by FP Publications origin of Winnipeg. FP Publications controlled by Brigadier General Richard Malone who has a number of local Canadian newspapers. In 1980, FP Publications and The Globe and Mail was purchased by the Thomson Group is owned by the family of Kenneth Thomson.
The Globe and Mail just published in the morning edition. Since the 1980s, this newspaper published in six separate editions in six Canadian cities: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Montreal, Toronto (several editions), Winnipeg (Brandon, Manitoba), Calgary, and Vancouver. website launched in 1995, followed by for investment and financial news.
Although the Thomson family remains the largest shareholder since 1980, this newspaper operated by BCE Inc.. who bought it in 2001. BCE previous year also bought CTV Television Network. New enterprise named Bell Globemedia (now CTVglobemedia) was formed from the merger proceeds CTV and The Globe. BCE makes Bell Globemedia as subsidiaries, while the Thomson family became minority shareholders. In 2005, BCE reduces ownership stake in Bell Globemedia, and through the Thomson family holding company Woodbridge owns 40% of shares. BCE, Torstar (owner of the Toronto Star), and the Ontario Teachers' Pension Plan each have a share of 20%.

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