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Name : Miami Herald
Editorial Contact : Investigations: or (305) 376-3431
Local News: or (305) 376-2100
State: or (305) 376-3557
National & World: or (305) 376-3722
Business: or (305) 376-3600
Features: or (305) 376-2120
Sports: or (305) 376-3500
Photo / Video: or (305) 376-3745
Email Contact: -

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Telephone : Office:1-800-843-4372
Subscriptions: (800) 843-4372
Online advertising: (305) 376-5110
Display advertising: 1-800-766-2820
Classified advertising: (866) 860-6000
Website :
Media Social : Facebook :
Twitter :
Address : Office: 3511 NW 91 Ave. Miami, FL 33172


About Miami Herald

The Miami Herald is a daily newspaper published in the United States by The McClatchy Company. Its headquarters is located in downtown Miami, Florida. Its customers are mainly located in the counties of Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe. It is also distributed in southern Florida, the Caribbean, Latin America and elsewhere in the United States.Because of the geographical position of Miami, as well as its large contingent of Spanish-speaking citizens, many from South America and Central America, The Miami Herald is considered the best U.S. newspaper to report related news Latin America.The Miami Herald employs approximately 1,400 people in Miami and in different regional offices, including Bogota, Managua, Tallahassee, Vero Beach, Key West, Broward County, while sharing an office with McClatchy Washington, DC. Its newsroom comprises about 450 people, including 144 reporters, 69 editors, 69 editors, 29 photographers, five graphic artists (who do not make the layout), 11 columnists, six critics (literary, film, etc.. ), 48 specialists and 18 editorials junior journalists.

The Miami Herald has received 19 Pulitzer Prize since its debut in 1903. It employs some reputed columnists, whose political commentator Leonard Pitts, Jr. (winner of the Pulitzer Prize), humorist Dave Barry and novelist Carl Hiaasen. David Landsberg is the editor and Anders Gyllenhaal is the Managing Editor.

The newspaper publishes an average 88 pages per day and 212 pages Sunday.

Source : Wikipedia

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