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Name : The National Post
Editorial Contact : General inquiries: 1-800-267-6568 or 416-383-2300
Fax: 416-383-2305
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News tips only: 416-386-2600
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Advertising Contact: Print advertising:  1-800-668-5617
Classifieds: 1-888-394-9367
Digital advertising: 416-442-3809
Office Contact : Telephone Number: +1 416-383-2300email:
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Address: 1450 Don Mills Road, Suite 300 Don Mills, Ontario Canada M3B 3R5
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About The National Post

The National Post is a Canadian English-language newspaper. It is regarded as politically conservative. It is based in Don Mills near Toronto. Everyday, everyday comes with several supplements, including the Financial Post, extra financial and economic news, Post Sport, sports supplement, and the Arts & Life, a supplement of cultural information. It was founded in 1998 by Lord Conrad Black and belonged to the group CanWest Global Communications. Following the bankruptcy of Canwest Global Communication's newspaper Postmedia Network is sold. The publication is open weekdays from Monday to Saturday.
Black established the Post to give a space communications to Canadian conservatives and to combat what he and many conservatives saw as a liberal trend in Canadian newspapers. Black built the new paper from the Financial Post, a financial newspaper of Toronto, which bought Sun Media in 1997. The Financial Post was retained as the name of the business section of the National Post.
Outside Toronto, the Post was printed and distributed in the infrastructure of the national Black newspaper chain, formerly called Southam Newspapers, including newspapers such as the Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette, Edmonton Journal, Calgary Herald and Vancouver Sun. The newspaper became the national flagship Black, and massive amounts of start-up costs were allocated to the product in its early years under the editorship of Ken Whyte.
Beyond their ideological vision, Black tried to compete more directly with the communication rule of Kenneth Thomson, guided by The Globe and Mail, which Black perceived as a daily "establishment", ie, which is controlled by a dominant elite having power or authority in a nation.
When the Post was launched, the editorial position was conservative. He advocated a movement to create a viable Liberal government of Jean Chrétien alternative and strongly supported the Canadian Alliance, a conservative political party that existed between 2000 and 2003. The editorial section of the National Post columnists included liberal dissidents such as Linda McQuaig, but also conservatives such as Mark Steyn, Diane Francis, Andrew Coyne and David Frum.The unique style of the Post magazine has won numerous awards. It has a retro look with echoes of the 1930 design.

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