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About Daily Mail


Daily Mail is an English newspaper created by British businessman and public figure Alfred Harmsvord. Exits 1896 One of the first British newspapers for the middle class and today is the only newspaper of whom more than 50% of the readers are women. First newspaper sold one million copies in one day. There have been several "national" versions - Irish, Scottish, Indian.
Short History
Daily Mail is one of the veterans of the mass media in England. Alfred Harmsvord it adjust to the new reading public - the clerks and craftsmen. In 1903 Harmsvordovi placed second newspaper Daily Mirror as a cheaper edition designed for the home and young people with various interests. Over the years, it becomes even more illustrative in nature and is imbued with the spirit of British imperialism.
In 1903 Alfred Harmsuart became peer of England - Lord Northcliffe. After a time, he headed the British military mission in the U.S..In 1930 the twentieth century published several articles on pro-Nazi Rotermir Lord (Harold Harmsvord - brother of Alfred Harmsvord). A pioneer in the mass journalism Lord Rotermir reached in 1922 three million copies of his newspaper Daily Mirror. After the death of his older brother, he inherited Daily Mail. In the thirties he was trying to influence his newspaper magnate and owner of Associated Newspapers Ltd to influence British policy of increasing military spending and alliance with Germany.Some
time its newspapers enjoy the protection of the British Union of
Fascists (BUF) founded by the English aristocrat parliamentarian and
independent conservative Oswald Mosley in numbers at that time about 40
000 people. Mosley
's organization advocated for limiting the powers of the parliament and
establish a dictatorship of Italian fascist model . In 1934 Lord Rotermir began promoting civil aviation. British
documents declassified in 2005 revealed that he had sent a letter of
congratulation after Hitler's occupation of Czechoslovakia and promoted
offensive in Romania.

In 2008, after the events in South Ossetia newspaper criticized the British government for the deterioration of relations with Russia and hypocrisy - the recognition of the Republic of Kosovo and the criticism of Russia's recognition of Abkhazia and South Ossetia.

Several times the newspaper has been accused of libel - something typical for most major tabloids that to survive in the market for news must bring its readers sensationalism or quality news.

Daily Mail with its two million copies is the second mass after English English newspaper The Sun Rupert Murdoch who has a circulation of more than 2.8 million pieces per day.

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