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Name : Toronto Star
Editorial Contact : Submit article: can be sent by fax to 416-869-4328 or email to
Editor contact can be find on this link
Letter to editor:
Advertising Contact: Advertising: 1-800-268-8323 or email:
Classifieds: 416-777-7777 or email:
Office Contact : Office: +1 416-869-4200
fax: 416-869-4328
Address: One Yonge Street Toronto, Ontario
Website :
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About Toronto Star

Toronto Star is the largest circulation newspaper in Canada although daily circulation is mostly just in Ontario province. The owner is a Toronto Star Newspapers Ltd.., A division of Star Media Group, a subsidiary of Torstar.
The newspapers began to published 3 November 1892 as The Evening Star by Afternoon News editors and writers were on strike. The newspaper growing after Joseph "Holy Joe" Atkinson was appointed as editor of the year 1899 until his death in 1949. Before death, Atkinson handed ownership of newspapers to the charitable organization which he founded in 1942, on condition that the newspaper remained liberal. But there is a change in Ontario law. Charitable organizations are prohibited from owning more than 10% of the shares of the company's business. The court finally allowed 5 representatives of organizations beginning to purchase this paper. Fifth sworn in before the Supreme Court of Ontario to pass on the principles that run Atkinson until now.
The newspaper was named the Evening Star before renamed the Toronto Daily Star, and later the Toronto Star in 1971. After becoming the Toronto Star, head office was moved to a modern office building at One Yonge Street and Queens Quay. Descendants of the original owners of the five so-called "five families" still control the company Torstar, and the Atkinson Principles continue to be run by this newspaper.

Source : Wikipedia

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