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Name : Toronto Sun
Editorial Contact : News tips:
416 947- 2211
Photo desk:
Newsroom fax:
416 947-1664
News Research Centre (archives):
416 947- 2258
Advertising Contact: Phone Number: 1-416-947-2333
Office Contact : Telephone Number: +1 416-947-2333
Address:  Toronto, Ontario M5A 3X5
Website :
Media Social : Facebook:

About Toronto Sun

The Toronto Sun is a Canadian tabloid newspaper published in Toronto (Canada) for Sun Media. It was founded in 1971 and is headquartered in the Toronto Sun Building, Toronto. Like its counterpart the Ottawa Sun, published daily photo of a "Sunshine Girl" and its editorial outlook is conservative and populist.

As of 2003, the Sun would have a daily circulation of 200 000 copies from Monday to Saturday and 400,000 on Sunday

The Sun is owned by Sun Media, a subsidiary of Quebecor.

The first editor of the Toronto Sun was Peter Worthington, who is still columnist. Barbara Amiel succeeded him, which in turn succeeded John Downing.

Source : Wikipedia

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