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Name : Ottawa Citizen
Editorial Contact : Newsroom Switchboard: (613) 596-3664
Fax: (613) 726-1198
Advertising Contact: Call : (613) 829-9100
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Office Contact : Telephone Number: Local: (613) 596-1950 Toll Free: 1-800-267-6100
Subscriptions: subscriberservices@ottawacitizen.comAddress:  The Ottawa Citizen 1101 Baxter Road Box 5020 Ottawa, Ont. K2C 3M4
Website :
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About Ottawa Citizen

Ottawa Citizen is an English language newspaper published in Ottawa, Canada. The newspaper was first published in 1845 as the Bytown Packet by William Harris before the renamed Daily Citizen in 1851.
Newspaper owner had changed hands many times. William Harris sold it in 1846 to John Bell and Henry J. Friel who sold it to Robert Bell in 1849. Publisher since 1877 is Charles Herbert Mackintosh. In 1879, the newspaper was purchased by the Southam newspaper group before Southam sold to Hollinger Inc.. Conrad Black owned. In 2000, Black sold almost all of its Canadian company CanWest Global to be the owner of the Ottawa Citizen today.

The bow of the newspaper is variable depending owner, pro-reform movement in pre confederation of Canada, under the leadership antikonservatif William Harris, and be conservative under the leadership of Robert Bell. When joining the Southam group, the left-leaning newspapers, favored the Liberal Party of Canada in opposing the Progressive Conservative Party supports free trade in the late 1980s. When owned by Conrad Black, this right-wing daily, supporting the Reform Party of Canada and support the party in the 2006 Canadian federal election.
In 2002, publisher Russell Mills stopped after loading the article and editorial contain criticism of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.

Source : Wikipedia

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