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Name : City Press
Editorial Contact : Digital editor Liesl Pretorius011 713 Haffajee011 713
Advertising Contact: Gadija Simjee011 877 6147gsimjee@media24.comFor more advertising contacts, go here.
Office Contact : Phone:  011 713 9001/9623Address:  Media Park, 69 Kings Way, Auckland Park
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About City Press

City Press is a South African Sunday English weekly founded in 1982 under the title Golden City Press. Weekly Third South Africa, City Press is published every week 195,150 copies and claims a readership ½ million people, 97% of blacks. Half the published copies of City Press are distributed in Gauteng and the other half in the rest of the country as well as in Botswana, Lesotho, Swaziland and Namibia. Since 1999, it is published by RCP Media, a subsidiary of the Naspers group.

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