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Official Website : http://www.dailysunads.co.za


Name : Daily Sun Contact
Editorial Contact : http://www.dailysunads.co.za/dailysun/contactus.htm
Advertising Contact: Ane Honiball
Head of Advertising
+27 (0)11 877 6085
Office Contact : Phone: +27 11 877 6000
Email: news@dailysun.co.za
Address:  4 Biermann Avenue Rosebank Johannesburg 2196
Website : http://www.dailysunads.co.za
Media Social : https://www.facebook.com/sadailysun

About Daily sun

Daily Sun is so far the largest newspaper in South Africa with an audited circulation in 2008 of 513,291.'s Publisher Media24, a newspaper owned by subsidiary of Naspers.

The Newspaper is based in Gauteng, Limpopo, Mpumalanga and North West spread, but also in all the other provinces available. In KwaZulu-Natal, the newspaper printed and distributed by The Natal Witness, a subsidiary of Media24, whose main newspaper The Witness and Ilanga.

Daily Sun is aimed to readers in around South Africa's major urban areas. These readers are predominantly black, literate in English with little education at high school level, and workers are the economic hub of South Africa.

Source : Wikipedia