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Name : Windsor Star
Editorial Contact : Sports: Mark Falkner
Business: Ellen VanWageningen
Entertainment: Ted Shaw
Art and Design: Susan Thomson
Business/Automotive: Grace Macaluso
Opinion: Mike Graston
Newsroom: Dave Battagello
Advertising Contact: Director of Advertising: Ken Stewart
Advertising Sales Managers: Ed Mosco (local retail)
emosco@windsorstar.comMaggie Saunders (classified) 519-255-5729
msaunders@windsorstar.comLocal Retail Sales: Jim Angus
jangus@windsorstar.comDigital Advertising Sales: Ron Hebert (Manager)
Office Contact : Address:  300 Ouellette Avenue   Windsor, Ontario N9A 7B4
Website :
Media Social : Facebook:

About Windsor Star

The Windsor Star is the only regional newspaper of Windsor and Essex County, Ontario. It is published six days a week, Monday to Saturday and has a larger readership than any other Canadian regional newspaper.

Originally appeared in weekly form in 1888 under the name Windsor Record, he became the Border Cities Star in 1918 when it was acquired by WF Herman. Windor became the Daily Star in 1935, he became the Windsor Star in 1959.

On the death of Herman in 1938, the newspaper was successively led by Adie Knox Herman (Herman's widow), then Hugh Graybiel and WL Clark.

In 1971, the Windsor Star was bought by Southam Press and Canwest in 2000 that still holds.

Source : Wikipedia

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