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Name : Lancaster
Editorial Contact : Editor: Barb Hough Roda: Executive Editor (717) 481-7335
Investigations: Susan Baldrige (717) 481-6135
Sports: Chris Otto Sports editor (717) 291-8699
Features: Michael Long Food editor (717) 291-8687
Artist: Chris Emlet Artist (717) 291-8870
Advertising Contact: Advertising: 313-222-2700
Classifieds: 1-800-926-8237
Telephone Number : Office: (717) 291-8622
Newsroom: (717) 291-8611
Technical Support: (717) 291-8622
News Desk: (717) 291-8622
Website :
Media Social : Facebook:
Address : 8 W King St, Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603


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Lancaster (in Castilian Alencastre) is a town in Lancashire, northwest England (Great Britain). It was the administrative center of the homonymous county of Lancashire.It is a commercial, cultural and educational center, with a population of 133,914 inhabitants. Apart from Lancaster itself, other cities in the "City of Lancaster," local government district, including Morecambe, Heysham and Carnforth. Lancaster is the historic county of Lancashire, who gave his name to the County Palatine of Lancashire.landmarks

  •  Lancaster Castle

Near the station there is a castle that was important for the English royal dynasty House of Lancaster. Today it is a prison.

  •  Ashton Memorial

1907-1909 in Neo-Baroque style

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