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Name: Beeld Newspaper
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service line
0877 401 061
Editorial News Editor
readers Editor
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News Tips: Pretoria
012 485 9000
News Tips Johannesburg
011 713 9182
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About Beeld

The Beeld is an African newspaper published in Johannesburg and Pretoria since 16 September 1974.

The newspaper was founded as National Press's counter Perskor's former Transvaal four dailies, especially the Transvaler. National Press, based in Cape Town and the southern, representing more enlightened group in the then National Party was then in a battle with Perskor, representing the northern, more conservative grouping. Perskor at the time of the establishment of two Beeld Pretoria newspapers, Capital (afternoons appeared) and Oggendblad (the morning appeared), and two Johannesburg newspapers, noon sheet Homeland and the morning paper The Transvaler published. Beeld finally won the battle with the disappearance of the four former Perskor newspapers. Since then, no other African newspaper has appeared made in the Transvaal.


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