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The Guardian ContactThe Guardian newspaper contact information online. Get the telephone number of Guardian United Kingdom, office address, editor mail, fax contact, print and digital advertising online. Subscription e-mail and editorial contacts.

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Name: The Guardian Newspaper
 Address: Kings Place, 90 York Way London N1 9GU.
Telephone Number: +4420 3 353 2000
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service line
0877 401 061
Editorial News Editor
readers Editor
Intekenare- and paid searches
Technical assistance and inquiries
News Tips: Pretoria
012 485 9000
News Tips Johannesburg
011 713 9182
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About The Guardian

The Guardian is a British newspaper owned by Guardian Media Group. It is published Monday through Saturday in Berlin format. Until 1959 it was called The Manchester Guardian, reflecting its provincial origins. The newspaper is still known by this name especially in North America, but is based in London since 1964 (with printing services in both Manchester and London).

The publishers of this newspaper is typically a leftist tendencies. A survey by the group MORI between April and June 2000 showed that 80% of Guardian readers were Labour Party voters. According to another survey in 2004, 44% of the readers of this newspaper voted for the Labour Party and 37% to the Liberal Democrats.

Nowadays The Guardian is the only British newspaper published nationwide color (except Northern Ireland). It was also the first British newspaper to be printed in Berliner format. In November 2005, The Guardian took an average of 378,618 copies sold, compared to 904,955 copies of The Daily Telegraph, the 692 581 261 193 The Times and The Independent.


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